ULTRA GEN Biological Organic Fertilizer

Background and our commitment


Research and Legality

Fertilizer Ultra Gen is the result of research Ultragen team which has been conducted since 2005 and the third quarter of 2013, the fertilizer “Ultra Gen” is officially marketed and has been recognized with certification of Sucofindo, Land Research of Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University and has received distribution license from the Department of Agriculture (No. 03.02.2013.089) and is protected by a patent of the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights. Currently Fertilizer Ultra Gen is in the process of Organic Certification International and SNI.

History Fertilizer Ultra Gen

Fertilizer Ultra Gen research process began in 2005, the fertilizer was originally known to the public as fertilizer MOL (Micro Organisms Local). Due to existing microbes, collected from various regions in Indonesia.

Due to liquid form, at that time not many farmers are willing to try. because if you just do the spraying, fertilizing is not yet done, because farmers are more accustomed to using fertilizer dense / granular.
Experiment and start demonstration is often done, especially in the area Kebumen, and surrounding Central Java which rich agricultural land. Of the hundreds of plots were made ​​to the farmers eventually began enhanced fertilizer formula. One of the facts that is faced is that not all the farm area was matched with microbes found. Each area or agricultural land has the characteristics of different soil and fertility.

Similarly, not all microbes can be put together in the same container,penyimpanan mikroba due to the nature and character of different microbes. Of the hundreds of species of microbes that are collected, only a maximum of 9-10 types of microbes that can live together in one place.
Until one point, Ultragen survey team traveled to Pontianak – West Kalimantan in order Oil Palm plantation business opportunities. Plantation in West Kalimantan peatland known for quite thick, so it is very hard to plant any plants because of which relatively high acidity levels.

Survey team encountered a group of plants that thrive amid dense peatlands and very thick. Allegedly there must be a local microorganisms which are able to create ecosystems so that these plants can thrive.

Aplikasi Ultra Gen paa lahan berpasir

Finally when soil samples were taken to Jakarta for examination in the laboratory, discovered a group of microbes that have the function to set the harmonization between different types of microbial groups. Resulting in a holistic synergy between microbes that can create a good ecosystem

the problem is solved, so that fertilizer formulations UltraGen increasingly refined. Does not stop here, for the sake of demonstration plots was done and began to be directed to the improvement of critical and marginal lands. Even Ultragen team have tried the application of Nano Technology in Ultra Gen fertilizer production process to improve performance and efficiency in terms of fertilizer costs.

UltraGen fertilizer demonstration plots conducted by Ultragen team on degraded and marginal, was first performed on land ex coal mine in East Kalimantan. The results were quite astonishing, within 6-8 months, previously barren area with a high acidity level (pyrite) can be returned to green.

This experience makes Ultragen team more confident to continue to develop fertilizer formulations UltraGen be better. This time plots tested on sandy and rocky land former stone quarry split in Temanggung – Central Java. From its humble beginnings barren soil and sand could eventually be replanted.
UltraGen fertilizer formulations have proven very effective in peatlands, as well as critical and marginal ex-mining land to restore the function is as farms and plantations. No wonder corporations mines and plantations in Kalimantan, which has a fairly extensive peat, Fertilizer Ultra Gen start glance to be used as the primary fertilizer in reclamation and cultivation. Fertilizer Ultra Gen have been tested and proven in various agricultural and plantation commodities. And has been developed and applied more than 7 years in the process of research and product development.

Slowly but surely, the efficacy UltraGen fertilizer is not only known in their own country, but began to be heard up to foreign countries. Brunei, East Timor Aplikasi Ultra Gen di Qatarand Qatar are the only countries barren land that has a great desire to overcome the problems of agriculture in their countries.

With the combination of microbial technology “Unity in Diversity” and Nano Technology which is technology work of the nation, it is expected that farmers can increase production. So as to improve the welfare of farmers in general and to reduce reliance on imports.

Result of the integration of this technology produces two crops production increased with the tremendous cost efficient.

1 liter of Ultra Gen fertilizer equivalent the use of urea 60 Kg, 30 Kg and KCL SP36 20 kg. Which of course greatly save the cost of production. If we count the cost of use of An Organic Fertilizer on the table in addition, it appears that the economic value Ultra Gen Fertilizer only a third of the price of An Organic fertilizer.