A liquid biological fertilizers containing more than 24 micro-organisms and the combined Nano technology superior nutrient, that works in synergy holistically and act as a “fabrication” of nutrients and “manager” to manage the balance of nutrients in the soil.

Ultra Gen Fertilizer capable of describing the chemicals / toxic in the soil, resulting in the growth hormone, increases plant growth from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits and increase immunity to plants and protect plants from pests and diseases.

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Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN

Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN The combination of Microbes “Unity in Diversity” and Nutrients results of Nano Technology Ultragen for Plantation Ultragen for Agriculture Benefits and Advantages Nano Technology Preparation of Fertilizer General Application Detailed Application   Biological fertilizer “Ultra Gen” is a liquid bio-fertilizers containing more than 24 superior microorganisms and nutrients combined modified […]

Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil”

Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil” Coming Soon     Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil” main role as a substitute for nutrients in the soil volume. Solid fertilizer “Ultra Organic” nutrients complete macro and micro nutrients that are needed by plants to maximize growth and production.


Frequently Ask Question Regarding the Biological Organic ULTRA GEN Fertilizer     What is UltraGen Fertilizer ? UltraGen fertilizer is a liquid biological fertilizer containing 24 superior microorganisms and nutrients Nano Technology engineered that works in synergy holistic and acts as a nutrient fabrication and “manager” to manage the balance of nutrients in the soil, […]

Definition and Function of nutrient

Nutrient Definition and Function of Nutrient   Plants need food are often called plant nutrients. In contrast to humans who use organic materials, the plant uses inorganic materials for energy and growth. With photosynthesis, plants accumulate very low levels carbon in the atmosphere, plus water that is converted into organic matter by chlorophyll with the […]

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