Benefits and Advantages

Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN


  1. Save production costs and increasing crop productivity
  2. Stimulate the growth of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit
  3. Contains macro nutrients, micro and high protein as a result of natural organic compound materials containing vegetable and animal cells active life
  4. Improving crop resistance against pests diseases simultaneously suppressing the population of pests and diseases of plants.
  5. Prevent withered and loss on leaves and fruit
  6. speed up the harvest
  7. Accelerate the decomposition of residues of chemical fertilizers inhibitor into nutrients that are beneficial to plants
  8. Can be used in critical areas, marginal, peat and sandy
  9. Suitable for the preparation of reclamation
  10. Holistic synergy with the surrounding ecology
  11. Safe to use because it is very beneficial to the environment and not kill the natural enemies
  12. Can be used in conjunction with other chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides


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