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Regarding the Biological Organic ULTRA GEN Fertilizer



What is UltraGen Fertilizer ?

UltraGen fertilizer is a liquid biological fertilizer containing 24 superior microorganisms and nutrients Nano Technology engineered that works in synergy holistic and acts as a nutrient fabrication and “manager” to manage the balance of nutrients in the soil, outlining the chemicals / toxic in the soil, produces the growth hormone, increases plant growth from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits so as to increase production and improve immunity to plants.

What is Nano Technology?

engineering process of making and use of material / particle size is very small (nano) that has properties that are unique and different from the original material.

How does Nano Technology work at Ultra Gen Fertilizer production process, and application on the plant?

In the UltraGen fertilizer production process occurs solving elements and compounds by enzymes produced by the metabolism of microorganisms that exist to be part of very small particles. In the application process on the plant and soil, nano particles produced will be more quickly and easily absorbed by the root system. When fertilizer is touching the ground, then the Nano particles of microbial activity and existing elements that can alter the molecular structure and soil aggregates become more tenuous aggregate surface area thus creating more land and create a good aeration system

What is Fermentation?

In general, the fermentation is activity of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms capable of changing or transforming the chemical compound to the organic substrate. Fermentation can occur because there is activity of microorganisms that cause fermentation in a suitable organic substrate, this process can lead to changes in the material properties.

Does Fertilizer Ultra Gen, must be fermented before use?

Can be directly used by mixing 1 Liter Ultra Gen Fertilizer with 100 liters of water. But it is suggested to keep doing the fermentation with the aim to reproduce / replicate existing microbes that can be used in a wide area unit. So the cost of fertilizer to be cheaper.

How to make fermented Ultra Gen Fertilizer?

1 Liter Ultra Gen Fertilizer added with 1 kg sugar / brown sugar / molasses and dissolved into 18 liters of water in 20-liter jerrycans sealed at least 48 hours (the longer, the better). Before use Fermentation is diluted with water to 100 liters or as needed.

What about using Ultra Gen Fertilizer without any fermentation?

There is no problem if it is not fermented, although without fermentation can still be applied. Although the results are not as good when they are fermented.

Can I pour this Ultra Gen Fertilizer directly to the plant by simply adding 100 liters of clean water without that hassle process of fermentation?

Yes sure you can, although not as good as if the fermentation

How many doses of Ultra Gen Fertilizer requirement for an area of ​​1 ha?

Dose application for 1 ha of land is 1 liter Ultra Gen Fertilizer, fermented / unfermented to 100 liters.

If I have used Ultra Gen Fertilizer, whether still have to use other fertilizers?

Ultra Gen Fertilizer is biological fertilizer, largely ingredient is a microbe. Microbes as living things need nutrients from the outside to be described, and processed by the microbes. In general, the nutrients contained in the Ultra Gen Fertilizer only able to provide 30% of the nutrient needs of plants. So the use of basic fertilizer (organic / an aorganik) is still required. However, the dose can be reduced up to 50% of normal.

Where Ultra Gen Fertilizer applications, into the soil, roots, stems or leaves?

Ultra Gen Fertilizer can be applied either to the soil, roots, stems and leaves. Focus spraying / watering over the soil and roots with nutrients purpose existing agents can be absorbed by plant roots.

How do I get Ultra Gen Fertilizer?

You can get it at your nearest dealer by looking at the menu list agent.

How many doses for my plants?

Full details for the entire plant, please go to menu above, click product -> choose Way of applications. on this web page.

What is the minimum order that determined by the company?

Minimum order for purchase directly through our retail is 3 liters.
Minimum order is to be an agent of the district is 20 boxes = 240 liters
Minimum order is to be an agent of the district is the third box = 36 liters

What the price of Ultra Gen Fertilizer?

Retail Price: Ultra Gen Agriculture = Rp.78000 / liter and Ultra Gen Plantation = Rp. 98000 / liter. Prices do not include shipping cost.
Prices in each region can vary depending on the location and also the policy of each agent. This is due to the difference in postage.

I bought Ultra Gen Fertilizer through an agent / shop in my town, why is more expensive than the prices listed in this website?

Agent / stores sell more expensive than the price in this website because they bear the postage fee that ranges between 10-15% of the value of the goods.

Is there company guarantees, that is a good fertilizer?

We guarantee, if there is no change or an increase in the crop from harvest. We will reimburse the difference in price of fertilizer you used earlier. With details observations demonstrate the use of the fertilizer earlier than the results of the observation table by using fertilizers Ultra Gen.

Is it possible to do a pilot project first in our place?

Demonstration plot is a specialized enterprise support facility to the Agent or the Company. We only cooperate with the agency or company in plots with the aim that one is responsible for monitoring plant development and applications in the field of Ultra Gen. If you are an individual, please buy a few bottles to do your own demonstration with the direction and guidance of the company.

Why payment must be paid in advance? Can the payment made ​​after the item is received

Full payment before the goods are shipped, must be done by an agent or buyer is a company standard procedures. No need to worry about the funds that had been deposited since all will go into the company’s account (not individual or personal accounts).

Is Ultra Gen Fertilizer has been registered at the Ministry of Agriculture?

Ultra Gen Fertilizer has been registered at the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of Agriculture Decree no. 426 / Kpts / SR.130 / B / 10/2013 with registration number / license: 03.02.2013.089

What are the microbial content contained in Ultra Gen Fertilizer?

Microbial content contained in Ultra Gen Fertilizer include: Rhizobium, Azospirrilum, Azotobacter, Pseudomonas, basillus, Lactobacillus, Saccharomyses, trichoderma, Actinomycetes, etc.

Does it still necessary using the chemical fertilizers if it has been using Ultra Gen Fertilizerr?

In general, plants need nutrient dense, as a nutrient replacement. For example, if planting cassava and produces 10 Kg, means that 10 Kg existing nutrient dense captured by plants and converted into tubers. If you only use liquid fertilizers, the nutrients needed by the plants will not be fulfilled properly. Therefore, it remains necessary basic fertilizer, in this case they are used by farmers are chemical fertilizers. But if you do not want to using the chemical fertilizers, you can using the an organic fertilizers ultra dense soil that we produce as a replacement chemical fertilizers.

How to applications of liquid fertilizer for plant Hydroponic system?

Application of Ultra Gen For Hydroponic cultivation is very simple, can be mixed into water as a medium or sprayed on leaves

How long last Ultra Gen Fertilizer on rice field?

On the paddy fields often experienced difficulty in fertilization due to soil with running water. Therefore, more focused fertilization during cultivation, dyeing seedlings that ready for planting and spraying it on the leaves and stems. In the growing season required 7-8 Liter of Ultra Gen Fertilizer with intervals fertilizing once every 7-10 days

Do Ultra Gen can be mixed with insecticides, herbicides or other stimulants?

Ultra Gen Fertilizer can be mixed with insecticides, herbicides or other stimulants. In the lab has proven that microbes Ultra Gen does not die when mixed with chemicals. This is precisely one of the advantages and benefits of Ultra Gen Fertilizer

To a mixture of water, whether it can using the water of PDAM?

Yes they can, but do not directly using the water of PDAM, should be deposited at least 48 hours because once the water is chlorinated

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