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ULTRA GEN Biological Organic Fertilizer


Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer Definition and Uses of Organic Fertilizer   Organic fertilizer is a fertilizers that is made ​​up of the rest of living things, such as weathering the remains of plants, animals, and humans. Organic fertilizers can be solid or liquid that can be used to improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. […]


Fertilizer Explanations and Various of Fertilizer   Fertilizer is a particular material or organic compound / inorganic medium were added to the plant or plants with the aim to supplement the availability of nutrients needed by plants so that the plant can produce well. Fertilizers contain the necessary raw materials plant growth and development, including […]

Biological fertilizer

Biological fertilizer Definition and Uses of Biological Fertilizer   Biological fertilizer is engineered product that is useful for agricultural biotechnology. In general, the main content is beneficial microorganisms for soil fertility and plant growth both vegetative and generative. Biological fertilizer does not contain nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. However, microorganisms contained in it, when in the […]

Why Should Fermentation

Why Should Fermentation Definition and Benefits of Fermentation   Understanding the general Fermentation is the process of energy production in cells in an anaerobic (without oxygen). In the fermentation process, there is proliferation of microorganisms that produce more microorganisms and products of metabolism that produce enzymes that are beneficial to plant growth. Thus giving the […]

Definition and Function of nutrient

Nutrient Definition and Function of Nutrient   Plants need food are often called plant nutrients. In contrast to humans who use organic materials, the plant uses inorganic materials for energy and growth. With photosynthesis, plants accumulate very low levels carbon in the atmosphere, plus water that is converted into organic matter by chlorophyll with the […]


Frequently Ask Question Regarding the Biological Organic ULTRA GEN Fertilizer     What is UltraGen Fertilizer ? UltraGen fertilizer is a liquid biological fertilizer containing 24 superior microorganisms and nutrients Nano Technology engineered that works in synergy holistic and acts as a nutrient fabrication and “manager” to manage the balance of nutrients in the soil, […]


Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN Nano Technology   Nano technology is the process of engineering manufacture and use of material / particle size is very small (nano) which has properties that are unique and different from the original material. Application of Nano Technology in fertilizers production process is to create a “nutrient” that has a […]

Why Should Using Ultra Gen

Why Should Using Ultra Gen Best Organic Biological Fertilizer   You Tired with your agricultural production continues to decline? You Got a problem with the condition that the land is not fertile? Your farmland increasingly critical due to the use of inorganic fertilizers continuously? You have difficulty getting qualified fertilizer, and the price continues to […]

Land of Volcanic Ash

Land of Volcanic Ash With Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN   Post Kelud and Sinabung eruption, what to do?   In the short term, the impact of volcanic ash is bad for the environment. But in the long term, volcanic ash has benefits for human life, especially in agriculture. Volcanic ash has a bad impact […]

Fertilizing Plants

Fertilizing Plants Background and usability   Fertilization is the act provide additional nutrients to the soil complex, either directly or indirectly can donate food to the plant material. The goal is to improve the fertility of the soil so that plants get enough nutrients to improve the quality and quantity of plant growth.     […]

Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN

Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN The combination of Microbes “Unity in Diversity” and Nutrients results of Nano Technology Ultragen for Plantation Ultragen for Agriculture Benefits and Advantages Nano Technology Preparation of Fertilizer General Application Detailed Application   Biological fertilizer “Ultra Gen” is a liquid bio-fertilizers containing more than 24 superior microorganisms and nutrients combined modified […]

Various kinds of Fertilizer

Various kinds of fertilizer Explanations of various Fertilizer   Based on distinguished origin : Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer with natural materials from, or derived from the remains of living things such as manure, compost, fertilizers Phosphate rock, etc. An Organic Fertilizer is fertilizers made ​​by factories using chemicals. For example Urea, NPK, KCL, etc.. […]

Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil”

Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil” Coming Soon     Solid fertilizer “Ultra Soil” main role as a substitute for nutrients in the soil volume. Solid fertilizer “Ultra Organic” nutrients complete macro and micro nutrients that are needed by plants to maximize growth and production.

Biological Fertilizer vs Organic Fertilizer

Biological Fertilizer vs Organic Fertilizer Advantages and Disadvantages Organic Fertilizer and Biological Fertilizer, both are intended to enrich the soil. However, farmers usually only know that biological fertilizers is the same with organic fertilizers, so that when we introduce the term bio-fertilizers to farmers it will be synonymous with organic fertilizer. Whether it is solid […]

Benefits and Advantages

Benefits and Advantages Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN   Save production costs and increasing crop productivity Stimulate the growth of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit Contains macro nutrients, micro and high protein as a result of natural organic compound materials containing vegetable and animal cells active life Improving crop resistance against pests diseases simultaneously […]