Why Should Using Ultra Gen

Best Organic Biological Fertilizer


You Tired with your agricultural production continues to decline?
You Got a problem with the condition that the land is not fertile?
Your farmland increasingly critical due to the use of inorganic fertilizers continuously?
You have difficulty getting qualified fertilizer,
and the price continues to rise?
Many Brands Organic Fertilizer on the market,
and you have difficulty to choose the best?




The solution is Biological fertilizer ULTRA GEN….

Pupuk Hayati Organik Terbaik


  1. UltraGen fertilizer has 5 main components which are needed to boost crop production plants which Fertilising soil microbes, Macro-Micro nutrients, humus acids, hormones ZPT and Natural Pesticides.

  2. UltraGen fertilizers have been researched more than 7 years and has conducted trials throughout the soil conditions in Indonesia and other commodity of cultivated plants.

  3. UltraGen fertilizer, first in Indonesia, which contains more than 24 superior microorganisms that is able to living together and mutual symbiosis.

  4. UltraGen fertilizer, using microbes taken from Indonesian local wisdom and proved to uniting the difference other microbes into 1 harmonization (Unity in Diversity).

  5. UltraGen fertilizers, First in Indonesia using Nano technology to manipulate nutrients into very small particles, so it is easily absorbed by the soil rooting.

  6. UltraGen fertilizer has been tested and proven to restore soil fertility in critical, marginal, peat and sandy.

  7. UltraGen fertilizer has received certification from the intellectual property rights, patent rights, the Land Research Ministry of Agriculture, IPB Bogor, Sucofindo and distribution license from the Ministry of Agriculture.

  8. UltraGen fertilizer has been shown to increase of cultivated plants production by over 100%.

  9. UltraGen fertilizers has proven to increase efficiency and production cost savings.

  10. UltraGen fertilizer can be used in conjunction with the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

  11. UltraGen 100% Organic fertilizer and is not harmful to the environment.

  12. 1 Liter fertilizer UltraGen have strength equivalent to 60 kg urea, 30 kg SP36, and 20 Kg KCL, at a very affordable price.

  13. Guided by the technical team of the company’s extension.

  14. Have a customer service number that can be contacted at any time for consultation.


We will replace fertilizer competitors the difference in price, if there is no increase in yield *