Biological Organic Fertilizer ULTRA GEN

Nano Technology



Nano technology is the process of engineering manufacture and use of material / particle size is very small (nano) which has properties that are unique and different from the original material. Application of Nano Technology in fertilizers production process is to create a “nutrient” that has a unique characteristic that is composed of very small particles (nano)



How it Works

The Production Process and Application of Biological Fertilizer ULTRA GEN Nano Technology


Fertilizer is food for all types of crops, plants take in food by sucking through the “pores” that exist in the root tip and all parts of the plant that is above ground. In the production process ULTRA GEN Biological Fertilizer, structural degradation of existing nutrients into the atomic structure of the smallest (Nano) by microbes.


All components used in the production process in such a way that does not produce waste. The finer the size / dimensions of nutrients that are created, the more easily or more rapidly absorbed and digested by the plant. Because it is easier and more rapidly absorbed and digested, the fertilizer application rate will be saved without disrupting crop production.



Fertilizers beneficial uses Nano Technology to improve the absorption of nutrients, crop protection from pests and diseases, and increase crop productivity results with efficiency and saving land resources.


Nano Technology in its performance not only play a role in the process of nutrient uptake by plants, but also works on the ground that the soil aggregates break down into very small atomic molecules. For example, clay is very hard to absorb water and nutrients. Nano technology works break the clay into small parts so that the surface area of absorption will be even greater.